Rules & Regulations

Please note that High Demand’s Rules & Regulations are subject to change at any time.

Studio Directors: Please contact us at for entry fees.

Competition Levels

High Demand encourages studio directors to use their best judgment in choosing the competition level for all performances. Nobody knows your dancers levels better than you! In the event that a dancer/performance is under placed, HD management will reevaluate.

Apprentice Division– this competitive division is for our beginner and intermediate dancers.

Advanced Division – this competitive division is for our top-level dancers.

Age Divisions

All division placements will be based on the dancers’ age on the day of competition. Group performances will be based on the average age of all dancers combined.

Mini              5 & under

Petite            6-9

Junior          10-12

Teen             13-15

Senior          16-19

Adult*            20 +

*Please note that any entry competing in the adult division is only eligible to receive an adjudication and overall award. Adult entries are exempt from all special awards, scholarships and are not eligible to be nominated in the HD Dance-Off.


• Acro – performance containing more than two acro passes*

• Ballet

• Contemporary

• Hip-hop

• Jazz

• Lyrical

• Modern

• Musical Theatre

• Open

• Pointe

• Student Choreography (Please note that productions are not eligible to participate)

• Tap

Important: Any performance with more than two acro passes* MUST compete in the acro category.

*An acro pass is define as a combination of two or more acro tricks in a row. Example, one single aerial is a trick, but an aerial followed by a backhand spring is considered an acro pass. Failure to comply will result in a one point deduction per routine.


Solo                  1

Duo/Trio          2-3

Small Group    4-9

Large Group    10-19

Line                    20 & up

Production        20 & up*

*This category is for dancers of all ages and abilities to come together in one performance to showcase a particular story or theme.

Time Limit

Solo                  3:00

Duo/Trio          3:00

Small Group    4:00

Large Group    4:00

Line                   5:00

Production       8:00

Extended time (one minute max.) can be purchased for a fee of $5 per dancer in any given entry. Performances exceeding their time limits that do not request extended time will be subject to a 0.5 point deduction for every 15 seconds overage. In addition, any performance that purchases extended time and exceeds more than the allotted one minute overage will also be subject to the same deduction system.

Adjudication Scale

                         Advanced               Apprentice

Diamond        300-295                   300-295

Platinum        294.9-285                 294.9-280

High Gold       284.9-275                279.9-265

Gold                 274.9-265                264.9-250

High Silver      264.9-255               249.9-235

Silver                254.9-245               234.9-220


All performances will be scored by three different judges using a 100 point scale. Each judge will take into consideration the dancer(s) technique, choreography, concept/execution and presentation. Those three scores will then be tallied for a total overall score. Each performance will receive an award based on the above adjudication scale. Please note that there must be more than one entry in a category to be a category winner.

To be eligible for an overall award there must be at least 3 performances in a given division. To receive an overall award, the apprentice division must receive a minimum of a Gold adjudication and in the advanced division a minimum of a High Gold.


HD has updated their system and will no longer be accepting CD’s. An MP3 file must be submitted 10 days prior to the competition date for every performance using our online registration system. Simply log in to your account and select ‘Upload Music’ on your dashboard to upload files for all performances.


All performances must be submitted and paid in full 30 days prior to the competition day. Entries submitted after the 30 day deadline will result in a $5.00 late fee charge per performance. We accept all major credit cards and checks. Entry fees are non-refundable. Returned checks will have a penalty fee of $35.00.

In order to be eligible for our 2018 season early-bird discount and receive 10% off all entries, a $500 non-refundable deposit and Early-Bird Discount/Early Studio Commitment Form is required by December 1, 2017 for studios with entry fees totaling $2,500 or more. Studio’s with entry fees under $2,500 are still encouraged to submit the form with a $300 non-refundable deposit to ensure participation in our 2018 season.

Please note that if your 2017 award credit exceeds $500 your studio is not eligible to receive the early-bird discount. However your studio is still highly encouraged to submit your Early-Bird Discount/Early Studio Commitment Form and deposit in order for us to hold and guarantee your spot in our 2018 season.

All discounts will be calculated after all registrations are submitted from the total studio invoice. This includes the early-bird discount and any studio credits awarded from a previous season. Studio credits hold no cash value and can only be used towards entry fees.

Under any circumstances, there will be no cash refunds. Account credit will only be given for injured or sick competitors providing a valid doctors note. No credits will be issued during or after the completion of the competition. Day of scratches due to injured or sick performers will not be issued credits. All credits will be issued to the account of which the performer is registered. Credits may only be used towards entry fees and media fees for an HD event and will not be valid for merchandise or registration deposits.


There will be a 1 minute time limit to assemble and disassemble any props. Anything over this allotted time will be subject to a deduction at the discretion of the judges and HD management for the performance’s overall score. Fire hazardous props, glitter, fog, weapons of any kind and any other dangerous prop are not permitted. Props should not be backstage or in the wings until the performance time and should be removed from the area immediately following the performance.

Release Form

Please be advised that in order to participate in High Demand Dance Competition a signature for all performers is required to acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions indicated in the release form. Please return this form 10 days prior to the competition.

Video & Photography

All performers are automatically assessed a $18 media fee* upon registration to receive a studio DVD including videos of all registered studio performances from the competition. Please keep in mind that this is our way of making your competition memories with HD more affordable and will only be offered upon online registration preceding the competition. Any Studio DVD purchases made at the competition will be charged full price ($45). Studio DVD’s will be mailed directly to the studio 4-6 weeks after the competition.

* Families with more than one dancer registered will only be assessed a one time media fee and be reimbursed for any additional siblings/dancers.

ATTN STUDIO DIRECTORS: Please note that you must include this information in the notes of your registration to be reimbursed. 

General Rules & Information

• Performers must compete on designated date and time to receive an overall award and be considered for all special awards and scholarships.

• Performers must enter and exit the HD stage from backstage at all times.

• During scheduled performances, dancers are never permitted to enter the audience or exit/jump off of the front of the stage at any time.

• No personal photography or videography is permitted during a performance at any time. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

• Soloist that choose to exit the stage before the completion of their performance will only be eligible for an adjudication award and not be eligible for overall placement. Exception will be made for music and/or costume malfunction.

• Please be considerate of the venue and staff. Clean up anything left behind in the dressing rooms and theatre.

• All dancers should be costume ready and warmed up one hour prior to their scheduled performance.

• No changes will be permitted once the final schedule has been sent out.

• No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

• Performers grant High Demand Dance Competition with permission to use their photographs and videos from the event for advertising purposes without compensation.

• Decisions of the judges are final.

• High Demand Dance Competition reserves the right to change a competition’s venue, date and/or location at any time. HD management will communicate any changes if necessary with registered studios.

• Circumstances beyond the control of High Demand Dance Competition such as: weather related issues, facility condition, and technical difficulties bears no responsibility to HD Dance and no refunds.

• Studios will be notified of the schedule approximately one week prior to the competition.

Please do not hesitate to contact HD with any other questions or concerns!